Coustomer Review

I've been using this winch for about a month, the fastest pull I made was 5.50 feet in 2 minutes and 15 seconds, outstanding!!! Easy to use and very fast, Save's a lot of time.
The Willy winch
Richard Roberts - Underground Connection
This winch was purchased by the Town of Ayden about 6 months ago to use for pulling in wire by the electric department. We have used it several times and it has performed exactly as expected each time. It works well with flat mule tape that comes in roll pipe,but a round rope pulls better. This puller needs to be level to work and it will amaze you how fast you can pull wire in with little or no lube.
Willy Winch Operation
Keith Alligood - Town of Ayden
Great design. Easy operation. Where has this winch been for so long. Smart, safe and smooth pulls. Buy one and you find out how great it is.
The Willy is very easy and quick to set up. It saves a lot of time compared to other wire pullers and makes it much easier on the men pulling the wire would definitely recommend to any company that is pulling in any wire.
Great Wire Puller
Christian Hamilton - Dawn Development Inc
We have used this tool for about 1.5 years and its saved us a lot of time and back aches. Everybody that pulls wire in conduit needs a Willy Winch.
What a great tool
Chris - Dawn Development
We use this winch all the time pulling cable and services to the house, we are starting to put in more conduit and this winch makes life much quicker and easier.
What a great tool
Paul Hithcens - Electrical Crew Leadman